Land aus Sketchup exportieren

To replicate an original track an image of the environment is very helpful. In this tutorial is described, how to export a landscape of Google Maps / Earth from Sketch Group. At this point a big thank you to Nyowa225 for providing the screenshots.

Öffne Sketchup und klicke auf File/Geo-location/Add Location…


Use the search box and navigate to the desired Arial. The desired range is displayed in white and can with a click “Select Region” be circumcised again. Then click on “Grab”.


The section should now look as follows SketchUp:


Now click on Window / Layers


and selektiere exclusively “GoogleEarth Terrain”.


Next, share-fours the Selection tool (the arrow in the menu bar). Right-click select Unlock from the popup.


choose with another right click “Explode” from.


so that the complete wireframe is rendered.


Now the mesh can be exported for 3d Software Suite.


The mesh is indeed relative coarse resolution, but it helps for Orientation and Height understanding of an area. For more detailed elevation maps I can USGS recommend.

A engl. Translation of the tutorial there is here.

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