Tools & Tips

3dsmax Scripte:

Glue und Clone A script similar to 3dsmax Conform and Spacingtool. Glue and clone can be very helpful or in the design of landscapes. be the maintenance of landscape objects.

Populate:Field Scripts to create and clean up of Terrainmeshs.

Conform field Anders als das 3dsmax interne Conform Tool, this script fits the landscape on the road to.

Mapping Editors & Tools:

Terragen Terragen is a scenery generator with render function.

Leveller is a landscape generator with good properties landscapes to make right on the mark tablet (ähnlich 3dsmax Paint/Pull).

Sculptris is a free 3D design tool, that is by the first-class drawing functions for the terrain design.

Maperative is a free tool for playback and exporting landscape maps. Online Support von OpenStreetMap, GPS Data and other providers.

3D Routebuilder A GPS editor with link to Google Earth.

GoogleEarth A 3D viewer for maps

3D Graphics Programming

Blender is a professional and free 3D application

Sketchup is a simple 3D program with easy access to Google Earth / Maps


USGS – National Elevation Dataset Free geodata & charge

USGS mit Earth Explorer

Google Elevation API Retrieving elevation data in conjunction with Google Maps & GoogleEarth

GPS Visualizer Convert and connecting GPS, GPX and Google Earth files with visual height profile output.

Digital Elevation Data Source for DEM files (Digital Elevation Maps).

GPSies Card Explorer tool to create, edit and save paths in various formats.


Blender Trackcreation This tutorial was written for Super Tux Kart, but it is applicable to any racing games.

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