(für Assetto Corsa)


The course includes:

  • 18 Starting positions and pits
  • AI
  • 1x TV kamers
  • Minimap
Download Brno
Version 1.0


brno-01 brno-02 brno-03


3 thoughts on “Brno”

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  2. Hello!

    First of all I thank you for the great track!

    Really well done, fun!
    But by a departure I noticed something:

    The stacks of tires have no resistance, you just drive through them. This makes you fall in the “Nothing”.
    The man, bring up the menu and then “Back to Box” to press , must stop (but you would not because you can indeed falls), must be ended either Assetto Corsa or you have to be kicked – Otherwise, you fall on forever.

    In race course it can cause collisions or departures, it would be a shame if we would have to leave the session.
    For later versions you could then perhaps incidentally fix yet.



    1. Danke für das Feedback. Aktuell hat mich das Leben am Schopf und es ist leider wenig Zeit für AC und die Strecken übrig. Aber irgendwann möchte ich die Strecke noch einmal überarbeiten und auf den aktuellen Stand bringen. Da werde ich um Deine Anmerkungen kümmern.

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