Name: Dustbite_Speedway
Type: Fictional Tri-Oval Track
Länge: 4.359 km
Breite: 10-20 m
Pitboxes: 48
Startpositionen: 48
Verlauf: gegen den Uhrzeigersinn

Download Dustbite Speedway
Version 0.81


Die Strecke benötigt schnelle Fahrzeuge. Empfehlenswert ist der Ferrari 599XX EVO gegen die beiden anderen Fahrzeuge dieser Klasse mit  min. 30 Gegner und eine Startposition im hinteren Feld.


6 Gedanken zu „Dustbite_speedway“

  1. Soberb track dude! The first oval track for AC that the AI is really enjoyable!

    Just two things that I think you know already. The pit does not have a speed limit and the car can clip through the left part at the tunnel.

    Small stuff anyway, cheers and thanks again!!!

    1. Thanks for the feedback. Only the left side of the pitroad has a speedlimit. The right side was meant to gain more speed, but yeah, it could be used for cheating. Just race with your buddies or honest ai 😉

      1. Heya. First off, great job on all 3 of the tracks you made! I especially love Gentrack1 and Dustbite. There are a few issues with Dustbite though, as you may know. I would really appreciate it if you could fix those, as I think it’s a shame if the track stays in the slightly buggy state it’s in at the moment. The issues I have are:
        – the left side of the tunnel is a ‚ghost wall‘, so the AI will simply drive through it and fall through the ground
        – the AI pitlane does not take the pitline route, so they have a crashfest driving at top speed into cars that are pulling out of the pits
        – this may be a game limitation/issue, but I can’t race with more than either 42 or 43 AIs on the track

        Would you consider looking into these issues? I’d highly appreciate it! Thank you :3

        1. Hey thanks for the kind feedback.
          Reallife is keeping me busy atm, but I might find some time to look into AC-tracks this winter again. I’ll remember to look into your feedback, thx! This track contains 48 pitbox- and startpositions, maybe there is a limit in the current version of the game or gameoptions.


  2. This track is fun for running stock cars or just going fast! I really like it.

    I only have one glitch. If I run off the track I end up spinning as if I am in a bottomless pit, just falling and spinning.

    When running off the track, for me there is no longer any ground that the car is on. Other than that it is great.

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