All of Assetto Corsa shaders are located in the: …\steamSteamAppscommonassettocorsasystemshaders

In ksEditor the shaders for different materials can, wie Asphalt, Gras, Trees, etc.. be selected and set. In the following list you will find some examples:

(The shaders are optimized and changed in the last updates, Therefore, some examples are not quite up-to-date. [everything…])



Use: Asphalt, Sand, Gravel, o.ä.

Vegetation my ksTree


Special: ksTree does not receive shadows from nearby objects.

Vegetation mit ksPerPixelAT


Special: ksPerPixelAT receives shadows from nearby objects.

Grassland with ksGrass


Rocks and rock walls


3 thoughts on “Shaders”

  1. Hi, what is the main purpose of using Map image for ksPerPixelMultiMap?
    And how to create it?
    I took a diffuse image, and changed the red channel a bit with changing Curves and Contrast. What is it that you do? What should I be cautious about?

    1. There Ages, the “tx Maps” slot controls 3 values of your material:
      1. Red channel: Specular value (selfexplaining)
      2. Green channel: Exponent / Roughness (supports transition e.G. border between road and gravel or cracks in asphalt.
      3. Blue channel: Reflection (for example wet surfaces)

      The basic idea: Dark tones represent lower values, whilst lighter tones are used for stronger values. Try the following steps for a basic road:

      1. Copy the diffuse map into your red channel. It will be converted to a greyscale. Now raise the contrast and lower the brightness (almost to black with a few highlights).
      2. Copy the diffuse map into your green channel. Invert it and use minimal contrast with strong brightness (almost white with a few darker structures (e.G. cracks).
      3. Copy a black image into the blue channel.
      4. The diffusemap (txDiffuse) got an alpha-channel for specular values, aswell. You can copy/paste the red channel of txMaps.

      Don’t forget: Sometimes ksEditor doesn’t update all texturemaps. You will have to restart the editor to see all changes of your materials.

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