Trees, smaller plants and 3D grass tussocks can be provided with a special name designation. The ksEditor then collects these objects into blocks together, which can be selected and edited as a group. In addition, the groups of objects in the game are automatically optimized by the GPU.

Generally uses the game engine from Assetto Corsa no side two (2-sided) Materials. For proper lighting all polygons must Meshes on the front- and receive back. Vertex Normal can be set manually as usual, However, there is an automatic alignment in the ksEditor. The following example shows the creation of a Y-tree (Form eines Y) declared.

Using 3D tree groups

Creating the Mesh:

The last step, the processing of the normal can be omitted when using the particular group numbers. The correct term is:


An example Object: KSTREE_GOUP_A_1

All other objects in the group will receive the number 2,3,4, usw.

The Pivot of the individual trees must be placed in the middle of the Mesh. The ksdEditor automatically sets the normals when importing the FBX file. Only under these conditions, optimal lighting and the gpu optimized use is possible. The game engine used for KSGROUPS now a special algorithm (Draw Cells) and allows a much fortuitous level of detail of the circuit.


Using 3D tussocks

Similar to the tuft of grass trees and smaller plants can be divided into groups. The name is here “KSLAYER”.

KSLAYER – Groups are dependent on the user in the game. In the graphics settings of Assetto Corsa can be found under the tab “View” the choice between 5 Levels of detail to choose. Depending on the detail setting the number of visible Meshes can be changed. Here is an example:

KSLAYER1 = Lowest level (Meshes with this suffix are displayed.
KSLAYER2= 2. Detailstufe (Mesh of step 1 and 2 are displayed)

The steps add up so on up to the highest detail representation: KSLAYER5


Examples of Meshbezeichnung :

grass1_KSLAYER1, grass2_KSLAYER1, plant1_KSLAYER1
grass3_KSLAYER2, grass4_KSLAYER2, usw.

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