The folder contains AI 2 Files, which are required for the computer opponents.

This is the optimal traffic lane of artificial intelligence.
You can directly displayed in the game among the Apps, be recorded and stored.

This file contains the lane for the pit area.

Sie startet ca. 100m before the Piteinfahrt and ends about. 100m behind the Pitausfahrt.


Create an AI file

The AI ​​is recorded directly in the game, Create a practice round and move the mouse pointer over the right edge of the screen, see the AC-Apps. Click on the AI ​​icon from the list to activate it.


Drive now with the car in front of the start / finish line of your track. Clicking on the top button with the label “Start recording”.


Now go a full round. In this recording the position and a clean driving line is important, the speed is not taken up. Too slow you should not go too, as you record otherwise very easy small dents or unwanted Swivel. Somewhere around the 80-100km / h are optimal. Take care, that the ideal line, the AI ​​does not correspond to the optimal driving line of a human opponent (visible in the game racing line is taken separately and under the name “ in the route folder “data” saved). For the AI ​​is rather a balanced driving line, should not extend completely to the outer curbs important.

Once a complete round is added, the history is displayed directly on the screen with colored lines.


Click now “ESC” to leave the track. The recording is saved automatically and is located in the route folder “AI”. The file must now be of in be renamed. Now repeat the same process to change the course of Pitstopstrasse take. This is referred to as and stored in renamed. Now you can already take the first race against the AI. Tips to Optimize and rework the AI ​​in ksEditor will follow later.


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  1. Hallöschen. Sagma kannst Du mir weiterhelfen? Ich bekomme keine ai Aufnahme hin bei meiner Strecke und weis nicht woran das liegt im Moment.


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