In the UI folder where the files are for the user interface (Selection menu in the game).

  • outline.png
  • preview.png
  • ui_track.json

A transparent layout of the track layout. (i.d.R. white line)

A screenshot of the track as a wallpaper

Here are the facts of the route are given, and determines the number of pitboxes. Example content:
"name": "Nordschleife",
"description": "Die grüne Hölle",
"tags" : ["Grand Prix Strecke"],
"geotags": ["lat", "lon"],
"country": "Germany",
"city": "Nurburg",
"length": "20.8km",
"width": "8m-9m",
"pitboxes": "17",
"run": "clockwise!"


name = Display Name
description = Short Description
tags = Searches, under which the route is to be found.
geotags = Längen- and latitude
country = Herkunftsland
city ​​= nearby city
length = Streaks Long
width = width of track
pitboxes = number of Pitboxes
(them, the number of “AC_PIT_#”-Not exceed Dummies from the fbx file. Here is no number defined, aborts the loading process of the route)
run = running direction (against or with the direction)